Thursday, August 3, 2006

Ten Years FLY When You Are in Love

I can hadrly believe that my husband and I have been married ten WONDERFUL years today! They have been the best 3 years of my life! But seriously, all joking aside, I do wish that it wasn't just the past three years that have been working on being a submissive wife. I know that our marriage (while still wonderful, always with room to grow) would have been much happier (as they have been the past few years) if I had learned what the BIBLE had to say about submission instead of just going off what other women in the church said it was.

If you had asked my husband 3 years ago if I was submissive, he would have said YES without any doubts. But once I learned what the BIBLE said about submission (and even moreso once I learned that being a helpmeet was a whole lot more than JUST submission), if you were to ask my husband now if I was submissive, he would prolly reply: Not during the first few years of our marriage, but she is working on it now."

Yep, WORKING ON IT. I still haven't got it down. There are still days when I forgot to honor my husband.

I am reading a WONDERFUL book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss (oh she is WONDERFUL!) called Biblical Womanhood.

We know we should always be asking ourselves in EVERYTHING we do "Does this glorify God? Is this what God would have me do?"

As wives, this book reminds us to ask ourselves in everything "Does this help my husband?" OH THAT HURTS!

I would so much rather be playing on the computer, scrapbooking while the kids are napping than packing the house or mowing the lawn. BUT, does that help my husband? Right now, the answer is no. We are preparing to move and trying to get the house ready. Playing on the computer does not help him when I could be packing instead. (Thankfully I am able to enter this while I am nursing the baby )

So just a reminder to ask yourself in everything:

If the answer is no, you would be blessed to skip it and move onto something else. :)

And a nursing baby needs LOTS of nursing so I also had a little bit of time to do this:

Click on it to see the layout I made for my husband for our ten wonderful years of love. Those love notes are ACTUAL notes I have written to him (or VERY similar).

One more layout for my man:

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