Thursday, August 10, 2006

Will I Ever Have The Time?

SO many cute crafts and so little time!!

How To Die Wool Blankets

Quick Quilt - for those who want a quilt but have no idea how to (or an easy way to quilt for children). Why didn't I think of this?!?!

Fabric Bracelet
- this is a GREAT and easy idea for kids to make (for themselves, for gifts and to sell)

Quick and Easy Purse - can you see the theme I have going here? Los of easy stuff that kids can do. Not just because I have kids, but because I am a kid at heart (and that is how I best learn - as a child).

Sunbonnet Sue Free Projects
- too cute and fun!!! and a few free sunbonnet sue patterns too (from the main page).

And keep an eye out for this promising page with cute free sewing patterns!

Headbands - oh I am SO into headbands right now. I really like the look of this one!

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