Friday, July 14, 2006

Why Momma Mows The Lawn

Growing up my mother ALWAYS mowed the lawn. I don't think I ever saw my dad mow the law. He would go out after Mom was done and do all the detail work and set up the sprinklers to water (automatic sprinklers - what was THAT?). But it was always Momma out there mowing.

I never thought anything about it until I met my husband. "Mowing is MAN'S work." He made it sound so wonderful that there were just certain things a man was to do for his woman and that my mother should not have to mow the lawn.

So when we got married, one of hubby's responsibilites was to mow the lawn. I loved the fact that I was cared for in such a special way. I started to create "honey do" lists for my husband. After all, there were jobs for women and jobs for men.

But I realized that my "honey do" list was getting longer and longer and nothing was being done. And once kids entered the picture, I noticed now the lawn was rarely getting done as well. And when the lawn WAS getting done, family time with Daddy was not.

I realized that my husband's work week (usually 80 hours or more) takes him away from his family. He really wants to spend time with the kids and myself. And he would rather do that then mow the lawn or anything on my "honey do" list.

So rather than add to the list, I am starting to cross things off. Not because I don't want/need them done anymore, but because I am doing them. I have finally gotten over the whole "that is something for a man to do" attitude (which was really weighing my husband down because I was adding so much to the list for him to do). Instead, I have the "blessings list." IF my hubby has the time and wants to do it, what a blessing it is to me! If he doesn't and I do it, it becomes a blessing to him - by allowing him to spend the precious little time he has with us and not feel guilty about not doing something else that I addedto the list.

So this afternoon, while the girls were playing quietly on the deck, and baby JJ was sleeping, I went out and mowed the lawn for the first time. And it feels great! This weekend, rather than my husband feeling guilty the lawn is not mowed (he wants to go to a museum the girls have asked to goto), he can enjoy the whole weekend with us going through the museum and seeing the awe and wonder on the girls faces. He can explain things to them and feel satisfaction in teaching them. Oh I am so thankful that I changed my honey do list into a blessings list. And I encourage you to do the same. It is so freeing!!

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