Friday, January 21, 2011


Part of me REALLY REALLY wants to keep up with a blog. I love being able to find things that were important to me, or that I really want to do with the kids, but not at this time.

The other part of me just doesn't have the time. Now that the kids are older, I just spend most of my time with them going from one homeschool activity to another (be it just everyday school we do here, or outside the house activities).

I do search my blog often when I want to find something. I am thankful at those times that I did take the time not only to put it on here but to share it with others.

And I love reading blogs. But the rabbit hole I fall through each time takes so much of my time away from my family.

I have been learning a lot lately about A Thomas Jefferson Education style of teaching. I love the idea of using classics and books to teach. A lot like Charlotte Mason, but not just learning on living books. CLASSICS.

I had never thought about CLASSICS before. But knowing that there is a reason they are still around after all these years and that reason is one of the best examples of life and speech and writing to me and my kids has been eye opening. We have found a local store that sells a lot of classics ($4 hardbacks and $2 for paperbacks). Collecting and reading these classics to the kids has been wonderful.

On top of that, we have been buying Lamplighter books. These are expensive, but so worth it. (I must mention here that I always wait for sales on these books and get them 50-75% off, and even then, they are more expensive than I would pay but so totally worth it). These books have been great in encouraging my children in moral and Christian behavior. Knowing that just because you are a Christian, life will not always be easy and smell like roses. But when the trials do come (and sometimes that means death), that God is always there and with Him we can do all things.

I am pretty sure that I have no followers anymore. Most every one has given up hope of me ever posting on my blog again. And for the most part, they are right. I still share on my FB page (if you do want to be FB friends, leave a comment which will NOT be posted and share your FB name - please be advised that if you do not leave a REAL name, but something like "Homeschooling8", I will need more data to know who you are because I am NOT giving out my real name to just anyone, as I am sure most of you know, understand and respect) quite a few links. Like the following one about Mommy School - a TJEd term. This is a GREAT example and I love it! I prolly could only do this once or twice a month with the amount of detail they go into. :D But WOW!! :D What a great thing they got going there! :D

Anyways, with that, I say that the future posts on here will be few and far between. Only when I come across a gem (like the Mommy School above) that I want to be able to remember and access that I will be posting on this blog.

I thank any of those of you who have followed me. You have made me feel loved and special. And to those of you who are new, prayerfully you will find lots of great links and info here that will bless you as you be a mommy to your littles.

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