Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Spite of Me

I was driving to the store today and was thinking about all that my children did today.

They had their faults. MM said she hated her sister (so she served her sister by doing her chores today). JJ yelled and screamed trying to get his way (which he did not). EE and AA both did things today that were disappointing as far as their behavior goes.

But then I thought of all the wonderful things they did today. AA was a GREAT helper. She made lunch for the girls, got JJ a snack, and helped put JJ to bed so I could go out grocery shopping tonight. :D MM changed her attitude and apologized, sincerely and was happy to serve her sister and did her best. JJ, when told he needed to use his words instead of just screaming went and vocalized his frustrations! :D And EE talked to JJ about how God gave Mommy charge over him and she disciplines him because we don't want him to grow up and be a mean, nasty old boy - and he didn't want to be that when he grew up, now did he??

And I just had to cry. God is doing a work in my children in spite of all my faults. And I am so thankful!

And just to show me that He is there for me too, He showed Himself to me. Before I left the house, JJ had asked me to make sure I bought him sunbutter. I wrote it down on my list and left. At the grocery store, I checked my list several times and was certain (it being a short list) that I had everything on it. When I was leaving the store, I was not able to go down the isle I had originally planed because it was blocked, so I had to go down the next isle. Which just so happened to be the isle with sunbutter in it. So I was able to be a woman of my word and bring sunbutter home to my son.

I am so thankful to God for His goodness and faithfulness!

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hishappyapple said...

I am always amazed at His faithfulness! What is sunbutter?

Oh, and because I like your smile and your blog, I'm giving you some sunshine. (Award)