Friday, January 29, 2010

Foto Friday - Learning

So the theme was learning. Should be easy enough to photograph, right? I mean, I am a homeschooling mom who is constantly teaching her children who are constantly learning? But you know what? Momma TOTALLY forgot to pick up the camera but ONCE this week. I need to be better about that.

SO.... without further ado, here are the few pictures I took this week... er, I mean DAY!! LOL!!!

This is EE and MM playing Little House on the Prairie. I am not sure that Carrie would have been wearing ear muffs like little MM is, but she liked the fact that she was matching. :D Matching is learning too, right?? :D

EE setting up a reading game I found at a garage sale. This is an AWESOME game. But none of the pictures of us playing actually came out.

MM and JJ reading. JJ LOVES to "read." He memorizes the story and tells it back to you. This is one of his favorite books. He got it for completing a reading library program during the summer. The picture is not the best, but OH how I love it! It shows how much love these two have for each other, and how JJ loves to read. So I share it.

And go here to see some of my favorite "learning" pictures. :D

Hopefully, next week I will have better pictures. Be sure to head over to Rebecca's to see all the other entries AND to know how YOU can participate too!! :D

OOOHHHH.... I have to add these too! I just took these (like literally minutes ago and had to update this post) when she brought me this! I have been teaching EE to crochet and she has got it DOWN! Those stitches are perfect! She made me a tawashi - her own pattern!! She took several different colors and put crocheted them together - I AM SO IMPRESSED!!!

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Terri said...

I think my favorite picture is the one of your son reading. It's so precious!

Jemit said...

Love the crochet!!! great pictures..

Bonnie said...

Little House- Oh my Honey would love that one, she's a Little House fanatic!

Great job with the crochet! I'm nearly 30 and I STILL can't figure it out!

I think the reading one is my favorite too- its very sweet!

One more thing, what's the name of the game they are playing?

Rebecca said...

Photo-wise my favorites are the first one and the last one. Both are beautiful shots. But of course, the others have wonderful meaning and memories too.

What is a tawashi? How old is your crocheting girl? What a good job she did!

PS. So glad you joined us this week!