Saturday, June 13, 2009

CTBHHM: Chapter 2

"Joy is visible."
I have often asked my kids why they were sad. When they said they weren't I would jokingly say "Well you need to inform your face so it can show it because your face is telling me that you are sad." They will usually smile after that. :D But I had to think about how often I unintentionally show my husband that I am sad or discontent or unhappy just by the look on my face. I need to be more aware of my face and what it is communicating to my beloved!

Debi talks about an "only for him grin." I have one of these. It happens every time I think about my husband and his love for me and how blessed I am to be married to him. It is also a grin I give him when I am thinking about us and the marriage bed. :D I actually took a picture of myself with this grin and framed it for him. He keeps it in his office. Only HE knows what I am thinking when I show him that grin. :D

I also heard once, somewhere, a long time ago, that a woman should keep a picture of her husband from when the first started dating on the kitchen counter near where she cooks/does dishes. It is supposed to be in a place where a woman is often. And it is supposed to be of him when you first started dating so when you look at it, you can be reminded of all the things you fell in love with him for. I know for myself, having done this, it is a good reminder, especially during those times where his life gets busy and he doesn't seem to have the time to be with me as much anymore. I remind myself of all the things I fell in love with him about.

I also read in a book (Sheet Music by Kevin Leman) that whenever you have gotten into a bad habit of doing something wrong in your marriage, that it can be helpful to write a letter to your husband. In it, you state what you have done wrong, and then apologize and let him know you are going to be working on that area and doing things differently. That you appreciate his encouragement and patience with you as you work on becoming better. I too have done that (about 7 years ago now) and I will tell you that it was wonderful for my marriage.

"Cultivate his love for you."
I LOVE using the 1828 Webster's Dictionary! It is the only dictionary where almost all of the words are defined using Scripture!
It defines cultivate as "To till; to prepare for crops; to manure, plow, dress, sow and reap; to labor on manage and improve in husbandry." OK, now I know what is meant by husbandry, but it is kinda funny. :D What I find most interesting is how much WORK goes into cultivating. AND that REAPING as a part of it! So many times I do take for granted that he should be showing he loves me more. That he should be more interested in me. But why should I expect it of him? No one likes to be around a pouty face. Just as I worked on our love before marriage, does not mean I should stop now that I got him. :D There are sadly too many temptations in this world to drag him away. If it is not another woman, it could be work. I know my husband would spend LONG hours at work just because he would rather be there than come home to a nagging wife.

I have a calendar where I chose one day a week to something special JUST for my beloved. Sometimes it is bake his favorite dessert or cook a meal he really enjoys (get a binder and print out copies of recipes to put in this binder that is JUST recipes your husband LOVES). Other ideas: a back rub, time to get away by himself to work on a hobby, time alone at home to work on a hobby, cleaning the garage so he can do woodworking, wearing an outfit he especially likes, wearing something special to bed in the evening, planning a night away just the two of us, making sure he has clean undershirts/underwear/socks (this is especially important since I do not do laundry as often as I would like).

"No man has ever crawled out from under his wife's criticism to be a better man - on matter how justified her condemnation."
This got me the first time I read it and it gets me again. I need to print this out and post it to my husband's forehead! This is SO TRUE and so easy to forget! I like the saying that as a wife, I am not to play the role of the Holy Spirit in my husband's life. I can be supportive in a non critical way.

"He needs to hear gladness and appreciation in your voice when you speak to him... possibly even more than he needs sexual release."
So many times, because the books tell us men are sexual creatures, we go for the sex to please our man when he is stressed or unhappy or whenever we are worried about losing him. But I know my man is NOT like that. While sex does play a role, and is important to my beloved ... It is so much more important to my man to know he is appreciated and that I am happy. If those two things are true, then he can take on the world! He is a happy man. And that makes me happy.

"Ask yourself, what can I do today that will make him smile?"
Something I recently starting doing: flirting with my beloved. I did it while we were dating, why not now?! It makes him feel loved and wanted. And I notice he smiles a whole lot more! I have also made sure that I always look nice for him. I may not always be wearing his FAVORITE outfit, but my hair is brushed, I am not in pajamas, and I am using correct posture (what a difference it makes in how my beloved sees me!). I also ask for his help where he can show off being a man (open this for me please, how do you do that?, what does this mean?) but am NOT afraid to do things that are just "for men" to do (like I will mow the lawn during the week so he has more time to spend with us on the weekend).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Petal Poppers - Gardening Fun

Every one loves Christmas crackers and party poppers. Did you know
that you can make petals pop as well! It's lots of fun and you don't
need to spoil the flowers because the petals that drop to the ground
when the flowers are finished are perfect to use. Christmas crackers
and party poppers use a mini explosion to make the pop, but this
works on compressed air like a popgun does.

You will need: Rose or camellia petals. Other types of petals may
work as well. They need to be fairly round in shape and curved in
the middle, like rose petals.
1. Choose petals that have no tears or holes in them.
2. Make a fist, but don't clench your hand tightly. You should be
able to see a narrow little hole right through to the other side.
3. Place the petal over the hole making sure the curve of the petal
sits downwards making a shallow cup.
4. Bring your other hand down quickly and make an open-handed slap
on top of your fist.
5. The air is compressed and makes the petal break with a loud pop.
You will see the hole in the middle of the petal.

You might need to try a few times to get the hang of it, but it
won't take long to become an expert popper!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Current Web Readings

Yardsale Treasure Map
This is GREAT!! It will plan out a route for you to hit garage sales near you! Helps save on gas because you make a full circle! WOW!!! :D

The True Vine by Andrew Murray
First, if you have not read anything by Andrew Murray, you are missing out. Secondly, this 31 day devotional (which can be done in less than 5 minutes a day!) is a very in depth study of John 15:1-16. I actually have a copy of this book (gotten off PaperBack Swap for free). But this link goes to a free online copy that you can print out if yo wish, or just read on the computer.

God's Littler Princess Ballet
OH how I wished I lived closer!!! If you have a daughter and live near here, you should check it out!

Free Homemaking Lessons
SWEET! HT: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine on FaceBook

Free Biblical Word Fill-In Puzzles
I LOVE these and they are so hard to find!!! Here are some BIBLICAL ones you can print out and take on vacation this summer!

Speaking of summer...
Entry Fee Waived to National Parks for three weekends during the summer. HT: The Homeschool For Free FaceBook page (don't miss out on the freebies! Join the Homeschool For Free FaceBook page!!!)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

CTBHHM: Chapter 1

Now that the whole fmaily is better (thank you EVERYONE for your prayers), I hope to get back to the picture taking and journaling again (for anyone who cares). :)

An online group I am a part of is reading through the Created To Be His Help Meet book for the first time. I have not read it in a while, so I am going through it with them.

I know there is a LOT of debate about this book. You will find people either hate it or love it. I personally am one who loves it. It has transformed me and changed my marriage. And as I continue to learn and grow in this area of my life, my marriage continues to be better than ever. I am so thankful for what God has taught me through His word and this book.

If you disagree, that is fine, just skip these posts. If you agree, that is fine. Either way, I hope that anyone who reads these will be blessed and possibly be a better wife and have a better marriage as a result. Delve into God's word and be blessed. :D

Chapter 1 - some quotes and my thoughts

"A wise woman does not take anything for granted."
Oh how this really hit me. My husband is a pretty much laid back guy. I can sometimes (way more often than I should) put him on the back burner while I put the kids in first place above him. I know that he likes a clean house, but I can let it slide (and have for YEARS) because I know that he will not say much of anything about it (until it gets to be TOO much). I have totally taken for granted my husband's love and patience.

"Do you wake each morning ready to make your husband happy and blessed, to serve him to the best of your ability?"
Sadly, most of the time I am dragging myself out of bed. I got to sleep way too late and the kids are up way too early. And when I am up, my first thoughts are "gotta get going and take care of the kids." My first thought is not pleasing and blessing my husband and sadly, it is not the Lord either. I do not wake up with a smile on my face and a joyful heart ready to serve. I need to work on that.

"The degree to which you reverence your husband is the degree to which you reverence your Creator."
OUCH! I read this book once before and do not remember reading that. :D But I can totally see this as true in my life.

"God made you to be a help meet to your husband so you can bolster him, making him more productive and efficient at whatever he chooses to do."
I have to say that I know this first hand. I have sadly tried to make my husband into something he is not (we will get to that later in the book so I will save more story for then). But the words "whatever **HE** chooses to do" is something that really stuck out to me this time. My husband has a lot of ideas (he is a Mr. Visionary) and could have gone so FAR if I had supported him in what HE wanted to do. But so many times, and I STILL sadly struggle with this, so many times I try to get him to do what I want him to do. My husband is a MUCH MUCH MUCH (a thousand times over) happier man when I "bolster" him making him "more productive and efficient" and whatever HE chooses to do.

"A perfect help meet is one who does not require a list of chores as would a child. Her readiness to please motivates her to look around and see the things she knows her husband would like to see done."
I am so guilty of taking what I would guess to be the lazy way out. If my husband has not asked it of me, I do not do it. And I do ask him things I can do to help him. But how much more precious and valuable to him am I when I take the time to look around and see and DO what I know my husband would like to be done without him even having to ask?!?! I know that when I am having a tough day and my husband sees that and makes dinner for me (so I do not have to), that is so much more of a blessing then "why can't my husband see I am having a bad day? I will ask him to make dinner for me."

I also like how she talks about why she uses the words "help meet" rather than helpmeet or help-meet. A helper to meet the needs to her husband. LOVE that.

Friday, June 5, 2009

WAY cool idea for bird lovers!

Check out this video!

My BIL (and maybe SIL too, I don't know, you will have to let me know OK?!?!) LOVES birds. If anyone I know would set something like this up, he would be the one (and if you do, you need to invite us over - the kids will LOVE it ... and your dog .. but that is another story). :D

OH the beauty you can see out your window every day! :D

Did you know bird like MOVING water? I noticed a waterfall bird feeder in the video. Birds will skip your birdbath for the neighbor's dripping faucet! Not sure why, but it's true! :D We are learning about birds and all sorts of nature things thanks to a MOST awesome gift we got for Christmas this past year! Thank you (you know who you are)!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thank you and a Contest

Thank you for your prayers for Brian. He is getting better.

And now, I recently learned about this blog (though it turns out that I had signed up sometime back because when I tried to register it said my email was already registered BUT that I was pending approval - weird).

ANYWAYS, it is a site called The Conservative Homeschooler and right now they are having a contest to give away a free child trainning DVD.

You can enter by becomming a member (free) and responding to the event and posting about it on your blog.
Enter the Contest! :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


No, I have not had time to take pictures lately, nor journal as I have been. My family is sick. Especially my husband. Your prayers are appreciated. Thank you.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Current Web Readings

Ruffled Skirt Tutorial
WAY cute! (Although I am STILL waiting for your pillowcase skirt tutorial Rebecca - give her a little encouragement, will ya girls?!?! :D THIS is what we are missing out on?!?!?! :D

Homeschool For Free
This is a new facebook page where everyone can share HOW to homeschool for free (you won't find curriculum here, but instead find HOW to teach your girls spelling using the library or online programs). :D EVERYTHING is FREE!! :D

I am a HUGE fan of the Bluedorn's!! While there are a LOT of homeschooling pages on facebook, THIS one is my favorite!