Friday, June 12, 2009

Petal Poppers - Gardening Fun

Every one loves Christmas crackers and party poppers. Did you know
that you can make petals pop as well! It's lots of fun and you don't
need to spoil the flowers because the petals that drop to the ground
when the flowers are finished are perfect to use. Christmas crackers
and party poppers use a mini explosion to make the pop, but this
works on compressed air like a popgun does.

You will need: Rose or camellia petals. Other types of petals may
work as well. They need to be fairly round in shape and curved in
the middle, like rose petals.
1. Choose petals that have no tears or holes in them.
2. Make a fist, but don't clench your hand tightly. You should be
able to see a narrow little hole right through to the other side.
3. Place the petal over the hole making sure the curve of the petal
sits downwards making a shallow cup.
4. Bring your other hand down quickly and make an open-handed slap
on top of your fist.
5. The air is compressed and makes the petal break with a loud pop.
You will see the hole in the middle of the petal.

You might need to try a few times to get the hang of it, but it
won't take long to become an expert popper!

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