Monday, October 4, 2010

bits & pieces: october 4, 2010

Apron from Tablecloth Tutorial
This is the MOST ADORABLE thing I have seen. And now a use for those round tablecloths with all these square tables we have in our house! :D

Obsessively Stitching
Isn't that a cute name for a blog?? Check out all the free tutorials on this site! :D

Check out how she organized her sewing room! SO CUTE! And so practical! I need to do this! Maybe THEN I would start sewing more! :D I really need to sew more!

Old Days Old Ways
Oh I just LOVE the name of this blog!

Tent Week
Different tents you can make for SO CHEAP! I think my favs are the ones made from twin sheets! SO GLAD I saved some of those now! I was going to use them for making night dresses out of for the girls, but these look so much more FUN!! :D

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