Friday, May 21, 2010

A MUST see video

Sorry I have not been on here lately. My son is sick again, and the new diet he is on takes a LOT of time as EVERY THING has to be made from scratch. And my husband has had minor surgery and is in a LOT of pain, so that is time consuming as well. Not to mention now that the kids are older, EE is in ice skating lessons and all three of the girls are in speech and debate. Homeschooling has changed too from a more playful time for all the kids, to playful for some, and more studious for others - as should happen with age. And on top of that, still trying to stay on top of laundry as well as keeping the house clean.

But when I saw this video, I HAD to share it. It is a most honoring video, one that every American should watch with pride.

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