Thursday, April 22, 2010

Books: Parent: Already Gone

I just finished reading the book ALREADY GONE by Ken Ham.

Every one needs to read this book.

Children are leaving the church in droves and homeschoolers are not exempt. And they are not leaving in college, when a lot of the churches believe they are. They are leaving as early as high school and even middle school.

Why is this important? Why does it matter?

Well for one, it shows that we are doing something wrong as a church and as parents. We are separating God and His word from every day life.

It comes down to believing the word of God or not. If one does not believe in Genesis (the first book in the Bible), how can one believe the rest.

Parents will avoid teaching their children about Santa because they want to be truthful with their children. If they lie saying Santa is real, then why would the child believe the parent when they tell them Jesus is real. I can understand that argument.

But then why would those same parents portray Noah as a "story." A cute little man with a cute little boat with cute little animals coming two by two (which is not Biblically accurate, but that is for another time). Noah is taught as a story rather than historical fact. Nothing is mentioned of the condemnation of the rest of mankind - the screaming and begging for their lives as they drowned.

The same can be said of Moses, Abraham and other historical figures in the Bible. Most of the time they are portrayed as stories rather than historical fact. What are the books in your house telling your children? Are they helping to perpetuate what they are learning in Sunday school - cute little stories about the people in the Bible? Or are they showing the Bible as something that is true and historically accurate? Science and history back up the Bible. Are you to your children?

There cannot be a differentiation between every day life and spiritual life. If you believe the Bible to be true, then they should meld into one.

This book is a real eye opener. What he is saying should not be dismissed.

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