Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's UP???

So I realized today that I have been posting a LOT of stuff on my Facebook page and next to nothing here. I think part of it is because I get feedback on my Facebook page. People thank me for sharing a link or a thought.

I realize that most of the people who even take the time to read my blog are probably like me - they LOVE to read, but have so little time to respond. Especially when you can't just click a "like" button, or comment on the page you are on and click submit. Blogger (like most blog interfaces) makes you jump through hoops to comment.

But it feels so GOOD to have FEEDBACK. To know that you are not just doing this for yourself. Although, to be honest, I am doing this blog for MOSTLY myself. Hence, this post.

I realized that while I am getting feedback on Facebook (and it feels so good to feel appreciated!), I am not able to search through my past Facebook posts. At least not easily like I am able to on my blog. So all those great thoughts and quotes that I put on my Facebook account are long lost in a see of sharings.

So here I am. To share in a way that I can search through at a later time. And if I do post something that is in someway helpful to someone else, that is comfort enough. Why do I need the appreciation? Can it not be sufficient that I have helped someone without knowing it? I clean and cook and make sure the children are fed and clothed .. and I do not do that for appreciation. But I know one day I will face the Lord, and He knows and I am sure appreciates how I care for His children.

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Tabby said...

I appreciate your blog! I've missed your posts recently, but I know how you feel about getting feedback and comments. I get so excited when I have a comment on one of my blog posts. Then there's a feeling of letdown when I publish a new one and there's nothing. :( Oh, well--like you said, we shouldn't expect that affirmation for *everything* we do. If only I had a cheering section for when I fold laundry...