Friday, April 6, 2007

Passover, Good Friday and Happy Easter

"Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say REJOICE!"

We just finished up our celebration of Passover. We celebrate it three days before Easter just as Jesus would have. (ALthough I guess TECHNICALLY we should have celebrated it tomorrow if we were doing it JUST as Jesus did...hmmmm... God knows our heart and motive. :) ) We know it is not for salvation (that is by faith through Jesus and NOT of works), but it is such a fun way to celebrate and remember what God has done for us, His people, and how even THEN He foretold of Jesus' coming and the world salvation through Him.

My husband has Good Friday off. I remember when I was growing up, going into the Catholic church and seeing the state of Jesus on the cross covered up and thinking "there is no good on good Friday." I never understood it until I became saved (about 14 years ago now - oh man I feel OLD).

Because my husband has the day off, we are just going to enjoy the time together as a FAMILY. Oh how nice it is to have HIM! Two days a week are just NOT enough. We need MORE three day weekends! SO no posts from Friday on (although I highly encourage you to head over to Sew Craft Friday at Waiting For Him - it is for ALL crafts, not just sewing! So I expect to see your in progress work there Rebecca! :D ). And I will see you again on Monday.

So this will be my Happy Easter post. Our Happy Resurrection Day. We will be doing Resurrection Cookies and Rolls (see my Easter link in the sidebar for recipes - FROM SCRATCH). I hope you all take time to really emphasis the wonderful miracle in Jesus' death and resurrection. We should celebrate it EVERYDAY, but sometimes, and I think this is why God institute the Holy Days, sometimes we really need time to focus deeply and meditate and CELEBRATE the specific things God has done for us.

The picture above is our dinning table (with my "new" hutch in the background - I will have to post about the blessings in this picture another day). Adorned with a WHITE table cloth, Easter lilies (I cannot believe I didn't kill them with the black thumb I have, and three buds flowering - one pointing to each girls seat at the table), and our Passover Goblets. It really looks so much more beautiful in person than in the picture!

Enjoy Jesus and all He has done for you in His death and resurrection - today and everyday. Blessings to all of you - whom I consider dear DEAR friends.


Sharon said...

Paula, how wonderful you get a three day weekend with the whole family together!

A beautiful post and I hope you have a blessed weekend!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Happy Easter! Many blessings to your this wonderful weekend! We could all use those 3-day weekends.

Shereen said...

My beloved bought me the same exact Easter Lily. How is yours doing. Mine looks like it's dying. I'm not sur what to do with it. I thought it would last long like a house plant.