Monday, April 2, 2007

Going Ons

Sorry about my unannounced mini-sabbatical last week. So much going on over here and I only posted twice (and then not on the weekend). I have so much to share about some things God has put on my heart, and I hope you will be blessed by it! But right now, I am headed off to bed. :) It has been a long and WONDERFUL day today!

But before I go, just a cute little bit of what my oldest has said this week...

AA (7yo): Daddy, who is in that picture?
Daddy: That is you when you were two years old.
AA: Hmmmm... I don't remember those shoes.

AA: Would you like me to show you how to spell your ABC's??
EE: Sure!
AA: (entering on the Speak and Spell we just found at Goodwill - anyone remember those? - so you hear the letters A - B - C - S.)
Mommy: (laughs)
AA: What is so funny?
Mommy: You are right, I never thought about it but that IS how you spell your ABC's!!!!

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