Friday, September 16, 2011

Scissors practice

Why are all practice pages lines - be them straight, zig-zag or wavy, most everything I found to help JJ with cutting was LINES.

I was thankful to find this site which had shapes. Not only does it have SHAPES, but it also allowed you to print out large, medium or small shapes! So I can give him different sizes different days and he thinks they are all new and different. At least for now. :D


Texas Mom said...

Hello, Paula! I've been going through my old favorites list, and came across your link! I'm with you--rarely blogging at this point. Maybe again one day... I am on twitter as "livingandloving", where I can post a sentence or a few per day, lol! ;)

crlbrsc said...

Hi, my name is Carol Briscoe and I am a homeschooling mom of 5 children. My 16 year old son, Jack has EE. I figured it out on my own as doctors never could figure it out. He has had it since birth. I saw your blog, one Mother's Journey and how much information/wisdom you had written. Jack and I would love any information/wisdom you would be willing to share at this point in time. He is allergic to everything except meats and fish. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the blog! Blessings, Carol B.