Saturday, April 8, 2006

Precious PRECIOUS Moments

There are some moments that a camera just cannot capture.

My 2 1/2 yr old is almost 3 (next month). She is in pigtales right now and singing Jesus Loves Me. She smiles and ask me if I love Jesus. I say yes, and her smile gets bigger. Then she puts a piece of watermellon in her mouth that takes up her entire mouth and chews with a smile and a giggle. OH I love this age and will miss it when we no longer have children.

My 6yr has been making her own books (does anyone know of a goood INEXPENSIVE source for blank books that she can use) by cutting paper just the right size and folding over 1 inch on the left side. Then gluing (is she smart or what?) the pages together using that folded inch on the left hand side. Of course it is all pictures in her book, and there are no orginal stories yet (only her interpretations of stories we have already read her). But I am so proud of her! I never told her to make a book. Almost as good as narration! LOL!!

And my 4yr uses her Lincoln Logs to build bird houses. She recently built a three room birdhouse and begged me to take it outside and hang it up for the birds. I tried my best to explain that the birds couldn't QUITE fit into that birdhouse, but that she is coming up with some wonderful desgins for bird houses. I think we are going to have to go get some sort of kit (anyone know of a good place to get a good ENXEPENSIVE kit to build birdhouses??)

All these moments aer so short lived! I wish that a camera could capture the true beauty of these moments.

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